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What is a UAE Residence Visa?

As the name suggests, a UAE Residence Visa is a permit that allows foreigners to live and work in the seven emirates of UAE for a specific period. Several visa types allow expats to stay in the country for a long term. There is no permanent residence visa program, so residents must renew their visas after their validity has expired.

Due to its global renown, outstanding infrastructure, and future-centric initiatives, Dubai attracts entrepreneurs and investors alike. Many business owners open their business in Dubai because of the simplified legal and statutory requirements. As a company owner there are a variety of benefits including partner and dependent visas.

Benefits of UAE Residence Visa

How can you become a UAE Resident?

A foreigner can become a UAE resident through:


If you get a job in any company based in Dubai, the company sponsors your visa for a specific period depending on the employer’s requirements and jurisdiction.

Business Setup

In this instance, the investor will apply for his own visa under sponsorship of the company he owns.


This can be the dependents of the resident like parents, spouses and children.

University Students

Students sponsored by the universities in the UAE.


A property owner’s residence visa is sponsored through his property.

The UAE government site –  https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/visa-and-emirates-id/residence-visa gives you more insight into the ways of becoming a UAE resident.

Starting a business in Dubai is one of the easiest ways to become a resident. Opening a business is easy and you have many strategic locations to choose from – Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore. Most business owners prefer free zones because they offer 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and flexible regulations for any business approved by the Department of Economic Development.

The process for obtaining a visa during business setup in Dubai is as follows: 

Visa Cost when Setting up a Business:

Cost of a visa will vary depending on where your company is registered.

Long-term Visas

The UAE government has launched a new program that allows you to get a five-year or ten-year visa based on your investments in the UAE. Read more here – UAE Golden Visa for Business Owners

Maximize your entrepreneurial freedom by setting up your business in Dubai! Let our experts help you with further details on UAE Residence Visas, Business Setup and Corporate PRO servicesBook now for a free consultation. Call us on 971 45 80 9986, or WhatsApp us on +971 58 829 3781.

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