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What is an Instant License in Dubai? 

For business owners to legally conduct business in Dubai, a Commercial License, also known as a Trade License, is required. It is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and the process varies from one Emirate to another. Instant Licenses in Dubai are express form of license issuance. 

There are two types of licenses:

Normal License 

This license requires a Memorandum of Association (which can be obtained either electronically or manually) and a site lease agreement.

Instant License

In this type, licenses are issued in just one step and within five minutes for a group of activities that do not require outside approvals, with the option to issue a memorandum of association and a virtual site for the first year. 

This is a great program that provides a grace period of one year for companies to do business in Dubai. The licensee gets an instant membership in the Dubai Chamber, an establishment card from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and three work permits for employees from the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization.

The following legal forms are covered by this license:

Limited Liability Company,

One Person L.L.C,

Sole Proprietorship and

Civil Company.

Instant License Eligibility: 

Activities that do not require outside approvals.

Investors have the advantage of conducting business without the requirement of an office space. However, an agreement to lease office space must be in place when the license is renewed after the first year. 

Instant License Cost:

Depends on factors like business activity type, legal structure, number of partners, and sponsor fees.   A local sponsor is required for any mainland license in the UAE, and the sponsor fee is determined by the agreement with the sponsor. 

What documents are required for Instant License?
Service center application:
  1. Passport copies of the license parties including the partners and the local sponsor.
  2. Copies of Residence Visa, Emirates ID, and any applicable NOCs.
e-Service application:

E-service registration does not require any additional documents. It requires only the details about the business name, business activity, partners, and an in-person appearance with original ID documentation to establish data on the Dubai ID Smart Pass (for those who do not currently have an account).

Experts at YABS can advise you on how to obtain instant licenses, business setup in Dubai, and PRO services. Email us on info@yabs.ae or book an appointment  for a free consultation.

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