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Dubai Businessmen Service Consultants, for solving your business setup problems!

We are a dynamic team of businessmen services consultants committed to supporting startups, individuals, and promising entrepreneurs that can fuel the UAE’s economy.

Services we provide Company Formation, Corporate PRO, Trade Licenses, Visa Renewals and Other Business Consulting services to individuals and companies seeking to set up commercial operations in Dubai. Our team of experts have years of local and linguistic experience dealing with most government agencies and regulations in the UAE. Additionally, their technical expertise allows them to navigate the complex process of forming a company in Dubai, as well as providing thorough diligence to guarantee a successful transition.

What makes us different?

with a wide selection of services that are affordable
to form customized solutions that fulfil our customer’s goals
and aim to assist our clients as fast as possible

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Why choose our businessman services?

Quality of Service

By continuously improving our services, we strive to provide world-class customer experiences that go above and beyond customer expectations. Furthermore, we place great importance on maintaining client confidentiality and fostering transparency in our processes. 

Customer Satisfaction

Developing long-term relationships with our customers and partners is a priority for us. We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and provide affordable solutions that could enhance their businesses.

Value for Money

With our services, we aim to provide affordable business setup services and flexible solutions to business owners who want to open small to mid-sized businesses in Dubai.  

Integrated Services

Under one roof, we provide all the services you need for business setup and government related services. Our team has extensive knowledge of the local market, including updated regulations of the various government bodies, investors, and longstanding relationships with local sponsors.  

UAE Mainland vs UAE Free zone
Business in Dubai: Why it's Great?
Dynamic Destination, Modern Infrastructure, Impressive Returns

Today, Dubai ranks among the top 10 most attractive cities for entrepreneurs worldwide. Two of the factors that encourage entrepreneurs to open a business in Dubai are the international exposure and the investor-friendly government. Other reasons are:

Benefits of starting business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There are several ways to start a business in the UAE. Each emirate has its own company formation process. Companies generally do not pay direct taxes on profits or personal income, and customs duties stand at four percent, with many exemptions. Import duties, labor, energy, and financing are among other key areas where costs are competitive. Three options for business setup are available: In a free zone, without a local partner, as offshore operations, and in mainland outside of free zones which require local sponsor.

Advantages of company setup in Dubai and rest of UAE are:

100% Full Foreign Ownership

No Foreign Currency Restrictions

Financial Confidentiality Guranteed by Lar

Low Setup Costs Compared to Onshore Companies

No Public Registry & Exchange Controls

No Physical Office Requirements, so No Employee Labor Costs

Exemption from Corporate & Income Taxes

No Share Capital Requirement

What Our Clients Say About YABS Business Services

Param Singh

Business Owner General Trading

Thanks to YABS, I was able to set up my business quickly. They know Dubai laws and requirements well. As they handled all the paperwork, I didn’t incur any fines and I was able to minimize my costs. 

Joan Benedict

Owner Contracting

I used YABS to outsource my admin work and am satisfied with their service. They provide great services at great prices and always respond quickly.   

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