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Company Formation in Dubai

Anyone can start a business in the UAE. There are different options for business setup in the UAE, from setting up a mainland business, a free zone business, or even setting up offshore - each offering different ownership structures.

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Dubai Mainland Business Setup

With a mainland license, also known as an onshore license, you can run your business both inside the UAE and internationally. For any business activity, trade licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development is required.

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UAE Freezone Business Setup

UAE has more than 40 free zones spread between its emirates, which offer foreign companies’ numerous advantages. Each free zone has its own commercial categories, and trade licenses are issued to the companies that fall within them.

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Corporate PRO Services

YABS PRO experts are well-trained Public Relations Officers who can handle all the paperwork for individual accounts and liaison with the UAE government. Depending on the company's size and the client's requirements, we offer several customized Pro packages on a Retainer Agreement,  Case to Case, Monthly and Project basis. 

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Trade License in Dubai

In order to start a business in Dubai, UAE business owners need to have a trade license also referred to as a commercial license. It is a legal document that outlines the activities that can be carried out across UAE. The process of obtaining a trade license in the UAE involves the submission of various documents to the government departments.

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Residency Visas

If individuals wish to live and work in the UAE, it is mandatory to have a work permit. Permits are only issued to applicants with a valid job offer from an employer in the UAE, and the employers are responsible for processing the visa application and fees. An individual can start a business in in UAE and apply for Investor Visa which is valid for 3 years.

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Local Sponsorship

The law in UAE mandates that a local sponsor must be involved in the business setup of a limited liability company (LLC) in the mainland. Many companies belonging to the trading and commercial category requires local sponsors.

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UAE Offshore Business Setup

An Offshore Company is a legal entity created with the intention of operating outside of the jurisdiction where it is registered and/or its ultimate owner's territory.

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Add-on Services for Businesses

We offer a wide variety of customized solutions like Manpower Consulting, Business & Product Launches, Event Management, Media & Public Relations ,Digital Marketing, & Photography.

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Government bodies we work with

Why Choose YABS for Consulting Service?

We are one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai offering top-notch services like Company Formation, Corporate Pro, Trade Licenses, Visa assistance and much more.

We provide a unique consulting experience

with a wide selection of services that are affordable, transparent and no hidden costs.

We combine local expertise and linguistic capabilities

to form customized solutions that fulfill our customers objectives.

We care about your business

and aim to assist our clients with the quickest turnaround time possible.

*YABS facilitates the process with government agencies and is not an authorized center


Common Frequently Asked Questions

We work with you at every stage of the company formation, from pre-launch to post-launch evaluation. Write to us at info@yabs.ae for a detailed enquiry on business setup.

How do I start a business in Dubai?

You can start a business anywhere in the Mainland, Free zones or Offshore locations of Dubai. You will need to register a trade name and obtain the necessary commercial licenses. Not all business activities can be conducted in Dubai Mainland and would require approvals from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Once all legal paperwork is complete, you will need to start the visa process.

How long does it take to set up a business in Dubai?

Typically, it takes about 1 week to start a business in Dubai if all the paperwork is done accurately. Our PRO experts are experienced with the local regulations and can help sort documentations quickly for a hassle-free business setup.

What are the visa requirements for setting up business in Dubai?

Every foreign national needs to have a residence visa to live and work in Dubai and the type of visa depends on the company type. Some of the visa types are Investor Visa, Partner Visa and the latest Golden Visa that allows investors to enter the country multiple times.

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